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Steve is a tax professional with 20+ years of experience. He is an enrolled agent with the IRS, licensed to prepare and file your return, and also to represent you before the IRS and act as your agent on your behalf.

What We Do

We’re an independent tax planning business located in Southern Illinois, offering income tax return preparation. Contact Steve Smith today or book a phone consultation.

Meet Your Tax Planner

Are you seeking a tax professional to take care of your income tax returns? One who is knowledgeable and thorough and who has reasonable rates? Steve is licensed with the IRS as an Enrolled Agent to prepare and file your tax returns and act as your representative before any taxing body, including the IRS. Contact Steve today and let's get your taxes prepared and filed in a timely and professional manner.

Building The Framework Of Your Financial Home

We receive several of the same questions often, therefore, we provided a list of FAQ's for your convenience and also a Client Portal to send us your documents through a secured online storage portal through Microsoft. If you have any questions please use our Contact us page to send us a message. We offer a FREE phone consultation to quickly discuss your tax returns and/or financial planning and to set up your initial appointment.

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