Mary Katherine Anderson,
Tax client

Evansville, Indiana

For those of you that might need to get your taxes done I would like to say that a friend of mine Steven Lowell Smith did a great job of doing mine. He made it simple as possible. He took information over the phone and then brought them to my home to sign and then he electronically filed them. I received my refund within 2 weeks of him filing them. There wasn’t any waiting in line or stressing over getting out due to current issues with COVID, Steve is very professional and trustworthy and of course licensed to practice tax preparation. Steve also did a friend of mine the same day and she also have already received her refunds as well. So if you are stressing over where to go and need to get yours done I would highly recommend giving him a call. I also think you will be pleased to know how inexpensive his service is. Give Steve a call.

Holly Parkes,
Neapolitan Home Watch

Naples, Florida

I have worked with Steve Smith on my taxes and tax planning since 1995. I am an entrepreneur and have owned several businesses since then and have moved to Florida. Steve has been with me every step of the way assisting with tax planning and processing. Steve has been an asset to me over all these years. What he doesn't know, he knows how to research. I highly recommend Steve Smith for your business or family taxes. He is a great guy.

Jimmie and Patricia Mills,
Tax Preparation and Investment clients

Carmi, Illinois

Steve made our transition to retirement easy. His knowledgeable financial advice made it possible for us to get our home improvement projects done without worries. He is always available to answer our questions and provide assistance when we need it. Steve also prepares our annual tax returns and we saved money on our annual fee. I would recommend Steve to anyone as a financial advisor.

Richard and Emogene Tenbarge,
Tax Preparation and Investment clients

Evansville, Indiana

We are happy to have Steve available to do our taxes each year. One year our disabled son had an issue with Obamacare and Steve took care of it all. He is professional, courteous, and he explains things to us in plain English. We would definitely recommend him.

Dan and Donna Kinnaird,
Tax client

Nashville, Tennessee

We did not get our second round of stimulus checks and we were unsure about how to proceed in order to get our money. Steve offered to do our returns for a minimal fee. He e-Filed our return with the information needed to get our money. He monitored the status of our refund, and text us to let us know. We would say to anyone how grateful we are for Steve's help and his excellent service.

Andrew Bringaze,
Small Business Owner

Enfield, Illinois

A few years ago, I had issues with the Kentucky Department of Revenue and Steve got it resolved for me and I even got a small refund for my troubles. Another time, my mother did not get all of her stimulus money due to the government having issues, and she had Steve file a return for her. It took some time but my mom eventually got all of her money. He completed my business returns this year and even helped me analyze the tax implications of multiple job offers. I use Steve for my retirement plan and he assisted in choosing an investment.

Steve has a very vast knowledge of information regarding the financial world and is easy to connect and relate to. Communication is always quick and most importantly, the results were always on point. I highly recommend using Steve as his services have saved me time, headache, and money. If you want your taxes, investments, and all other financial work done right, then give Steve a shot. You won't be disappointed.

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